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What We Do

Elite K9 has been offering a high level of specialized training for the past eighteen years. We specialize in canine communication, teaching everything from the basics to Advanced Sports work, such as agility, scent work, Rally, competition obedience, and AKC testing and Trick Dog testing. We offer a variety of group classes as well as private one-on-one sessions, that can be done at our facility or in the comfort of your own home.

Our training methods are a combination of positive reinforcement with marking Behavior techniques, as well as cue and correction training. We do not employ prong collars, choke chains, or E collars in our regular classes. We do however teach proper use and handling of all different training aids to better help our clients to understand what will work best for them and their dog.

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Our new location is to be announced.
Tacoma, Washington
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Service Dog Training -
We no longer provide service dog training, but our related non-profit Canine Kinship does! Check it out:

Location -
Elite K9 is looking for a new location. We do have a facility for our group classes. Private sessions can be in your home or in the community. Questions? Contact Hanna!

Looking for Experienced Dog Trainer -
Are you a certified CGC evaluator with experience as a dog trainer, an understanding of AKC breeds and a thorough knowledge of AKC testing? Are you committed to excellent customer service and want to work with amazing clients? If you are please send your resume and any queries to Hanna (

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Training Classes

We offer training classes for a variety of behaviors Including basic obedience, advanced obedience and many more. View our course description to pick what is right for you and your companion.

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Class Schedule

Our class schedule shows the starting class for each series of classes. If you viewed the classes we offer and know what class is right for you, view our class schedule and send us an email to RSVP.

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At Elite K_9 we have experienced trainers who have built strong relationships between dogs and owners. Each trainer is knowledgable and dedicated to creating a better life for you and your dogs.